Ashley Halphen


Contact Details

Phone: (03) 9225 7057
Mobile: 0418 424 333
Fax: (03) 9078 2670
Clerk: Holmes List


Areas of Practice

  • Criminal Law
  • Human Rights


Professional Background

Admitted to Legal Practice: 1992
Signed the Victorian Bar Roll: 1999
Qualifications: B.Ec; LLB (Honours); LLM (London University)
Also entitled to Practice in: All Australian Jurisdictions


Since he came to the Bar in 1999, Ashley has acquired extensive experience in trial advocacy. He is an accredited indictable offence specialist and a Victorian Legal Aid Criminal Trial Preferred Barrister who acts on behalf of Accused persons facing prosecution at both State and Federal level. He has conducted trials in a wide range of areas including; offences against the person, continuing criminal enterprises, drug offences, sex based offending, offences against the administration of justice and a raft of wide ranging property offences. He appeared in Australian's first joint terrorist trial and acted as junior counsel for the principal Accused.

Ashley has been a member of William Crockett Chambers for over 10 years and is a long standing member of the Criminal Bar Association. In 2011, Ashley received the Susan Crennan AC QC Victorian Bar Pro Bono Award for volunteer work in death penalty jurisdictions in the United States, for assisting in access to justice issues in West Africa and for acting on behalf of indigenous defendants in remote parts of Northern Australia.

Alongside his criminal practice, Ashley is passionate about empowering local lawyers in more developing jurisdictions abroad. To this end, he has conducted advocacy training in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Nauru. In 2015,  he pioneered a trial advocacy program for practicing lawyers in Uganda. He has also been actively engaged on ground level in the development of legal structures in Sierra Leone and Mongolia. He has written about issues surrounding the rule of law and been published in a number of domestic journals and bulletins. 

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